Treppides Fund Services Ltd supports among others the following services:

Shareholder and Transfer Agency Services

  • Investor subscription and redemption management, and maintenance of the Shareholder Register;
  • Monitoring shareholder investment restrictions;
  • Investor reporting and communication;
  • Investment Manager reporting and communication in respect of investor matters;
  • Corporate Actions and dividends

Middle Office Services

  • Trade Capture and recording of trades in the accounting records of the Fund;
  • Interaction with Prime Broker and Brokers;
  • Interaction with Custodian/Depositary;
  • Interaction with Regulator (where applicable);
  • Cash and liquidity Management;
  • Portfolio position and cash reconciliations.

Valuation Services

  • Calculation of NAV as prescribed in the Fund Constitutional and Offering Documents;
  • Fee and expenses calculations and allocations (performance fees, watermark/carried interest fees, administration fees, etc);
  • Fund and Investor P&L allocations for complex structures;
  • Processing of corporate actions and allocation of resulting profit or loss.

Fund Accounting and Treasury Services

  • Maintenance of the Fund Accounting Ledger in accordance with IFRS’s;
  • Reconciliation of cash and investment positions with the Custodian/Depositary/Broker;
  • Preparation of financial statements, including P&L and B/S;
  • Arranging payments of Fund invoices;
  • Liaising and assisting with Fund's audit.

Fund Compliance Services

  • Investment restriction compliance monitoring;
  • Ongoing monitoring of investors;
  • Assistance with Regulatory reporting where applicable;
  • Liaising with Fund's Legal counsel and Directors on compliance matters;
  • Investor KYC & AML;
  • FATCA Compliance

Banking Services

  • Opening and management of cash account
  • Secure execution of payments and transfers upon instructions
  • Monitoring of cash movements

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